Standing Orders

Standing Orders for North Barrow Village Hall

 The aim of the committee is to manage the running of all aspects of the hall.

 An AGM will be held once a year with the finances and minutes available for comment.

Committee membership

The committee will consist of no less than 3 members.


The quorum for a meeting is 3.


Following the AGM, a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary will be appointed by the committee for the forthcoming year.


At least 3 meetings will be held a year.


Refer to the standing orders for financial management.

Working Groups

Working groups for the management of projects will be established as approved by the committee.

The committee retain decision making powers.


Policies and procedures will be reviewed annually at the first committee meeting following the AGM. 

Health and Safety

The committee will ensure that all risk assessments are carried out as required by insurance and law.

 Approved by Committee on:  23rd June 2021

Review date:     June 2022