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For villages including:  Alford, Babcary, Hornblotton, Lovington, North Barrow and South Barrow

Would you like to pay less for your oil?

Many people, both locally and all over the country, wherever they rely predominantly on oil, are able to make worthwhile savings by consolidating their orders for fuel oil. Quite simply, by placing a large order it is possible to negotiate a lower price; the larger the order, the lower the price. Participants in such schemes benefit by:

  • Paying less for their oil
  • Having fewer tankers on narrow, rural roads, thereby
  • Reducing the carbon footprint and helping to conserve the environment.

Oil suppliers benefit by making better use of their vehicles and drivers and so are able to charge a lower price.

How does such a scheme work?

Participants submit an order for how much oil they would like delivered (minimum order 500 litres). The order is consolidated, the best possible price is negotiated from a range of suppliers, taking into account delivery times, administrative simplicity etc, and the supplier is then informed of the breakdown of the order so that they know how much to deliver to whom and where.   Participants are informed of the supplier selected, the price and delivery window. Participants are billed in exactly the same way as if they had placed the order themselves and would contact the supplier directly if they have any questions about delivery, payment or other issues.


Three consolidated orders a year are envisaged initially, around June/July, November and February; those who want to participate in the scheme would not have to order on each occasion but only when they wished to. If anyone needs a top up before a consolidated order is due, it remains their responsibility to contact the suppliers and arrange the best deal they can get.   A good guide to oil consolidation schemes is at and this will answer many questions.


Finally, there is no charge for joining SPOG and I do not get a commission from the supplier. For further information about SPOG or to register an interest in joining, please contact Julian Rawlins, preferably by email to or by telephone on 01963 240245. If interested in joining, please provide your name, full address including post code, and telephone number. (Please note that this information is passed on to the supplier if you place an order with the Group.) You will be added to the master list and will automatically receive all emails and notifications about orders.