COVID-19 UPDATE 18th July 2020
  • Social distancing must be maintained. This is currently “one metre plus” with additional precautions, or two metres without

  • Only two households may use the playground at one time. If members of another household arrive when two households are present then the households should agree between them a reasonable time for the newcomer to use the playground

  • Hands must be thoroughly washed before and after using the playground

  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser and use it frequently

  • Please wipe down the equipment with a cloth when you have finished using the playground

  • An adult must be present at all times to ensure these rules are obeyed

    Please enjoy the playground but also help us to do everything we can to avoid illness by following these rules.

    Please note that the above guidelines are extracts from the NALC guidance. Note that these are not law (apart from social distancing) rather they are advice and guidance and we are at liberty to add or delete as we think fit. We can also close the playground again if people do not adhere to the rules.


North Barrow Hall committee - updated 18th July 2020

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