Hall Survey Report

North Barrow Village Hall – Survey results

The North Barrow Village Hall committee are interested to know what local residents want from their hall. Therefore, this survey was developed to gain information about events people would like to attend. The local Six Pilgrims church magazine had details of the survey to complete online and the fifty houses in North Barrow each received a paper copy. Thirteen people completed the survey online and two paper copies were returned. Many thanks to all those that took the time to give us their views.  The survey will remain on the website until end of March 2015 for anyone who still wants to contribute.


I have been unable to upload the results in graph form to this website.  If you would like to have it emailed, please contact michele.fowler@rocketmail.com. 

  • 11 people had attended the hall more than 3 times in the past year, most had attended a social or music event
  • 11 people were interested in Harvest Supper and Quiz nights
  • 7-9 people interested in Summer Fete, Folk music, Films, and Barn Dance
  • 6 people voted for classical music, dancing and exercise classes
  • 4 people felt that staging would be helpful, 2 better kitchen and 2 voted for more attractive main hall and better lighting


The return rate was disappointing and those that did respond are those that already attend the hall. The Little Steps Toddler Group and the Dog Training Classes are always very well attended each week. The Harvest Supper and Quiz Night were high on respondents’ lists and these have always been successful. The Summer Fete and Barn Dance were also popular on returned questionnaires, both of which we hope to bring back this year. A film night was a new activity that people would be interested in attending and therefore, the committee will investigate this for the future.  Further discussion needed for activities voted for by six people or less.

Comments from Respondents

  1. Gate into playground at far end and a fence with gate across to prevent children wandering into car park.
  2. Skill swap for those in village, short classes to learn different things from each other. An offer of computer classes has come from one resident.
  3. Mobile kitchen units/equipment available in the committee room
  4. Exercise class suggestions – Zumba (3 people), pilates (2 people), fun run
  5. Ceilidh
  6. A bar or bar area inside hall
  7. Shrubs planted outside to improve look
  8. Skateboard area/equipment
  9. Playground excellent but not useable due to stinging nettles
  10. Filled towel holders and liners in bins so that they can be used.

All these suggestions will be carefully considered by the committee and actions from this survey will also be published in the March Six Pilgrims magazine.