AGM minutes 13.10.15


 Minutes from North Barrow Committee Meeting 13.10.15

Present: Fiona, Julian, Joel, Becky, Tim

Apologies: Peter, Michele

Re-election of Members for next year:

Fiona stood down as Chair, Julian stood down as committee member.

Joel nominated for Chair by Becky, seconded by Tim.

Tim re-elected as Treasurer, nominated by Joel, seconded by Becky.

Becky re-elected as Secretary, nominated by Tim, seconded by Joel.

Michele sent message to say happy to stay on as booking secretary and website manager, Peter as Committee member.

All agreed that more committee members are needed. Tim also to let Joel have the constitution.

  1. Finance

Tim supplied finance statement and report for year end May 2015. Rental income up 50% on previous year. Event income similar to previous. Expenditure up 15%, mainly due to bi-annual oil delivery. Net surplus £1300 this year compared to £111 deficit last year. The hall is well positioned to meet any unexpected expenditure and contribute to further development of the facilities. For Playground Grants detail, see below.

. letter – Michelle to concoct. (Fi has sent a card to Alan and the Bailey Hillbillies!)

Booking Report & Website

How often do we get cancellations? Should we look into having a policy/fee? 6 Pilgrims Quiz night and a childrens party are booked. Some issues with cleanliness, feedback from hirer – see below. Wedding fee increased from £200 to £250 and extended till end of Sunday.

Pilates is now twice a week, band practice every wed night.

Website – average visitors now 138 per month. Does anything else need adding? Should add AGM minutes, annual accounts and constitution. Use Drop box to share info for committee. Anyone can also put info on Facebook.

Becky to enquire about a brown info sign for Hall.

All agreed that adding our details to venues website is a good idea.

  1. Hall Maintenance/Hall Cleaning/refurbishment

Notice board still a requirement. Also board for inside.

Main Store Room is an issue with so much dog equipment in – Tim to ask Lisa about an external store for dog stuff.

Cleaning – hall grubby after a couple of hires – it gets cleaned Thursday, so could be Toddler Group. Could we provide a separate nappy bin for them to empty after a session? Could we also have an extra clean after events is Tracey is available? Michele can do a list to give to hirers about how to leave the hall after an event.


Next idea is to look at extending and refurbishing kitchen to be able to cater for larger events. Also adding a mobile bar unit that can be used in the hall, and can store all the glasses in.

  1. Playground

Clearing of site will start around 26.10.15. Fi will be away then, so may need someone to act as contact until back. F & Joel meeting Martin at playground 16.10.15 to look at hedge cutting and removing excavated bark.

Fi has sent an update report to Viridor. Tim has made initial payment to Viridor. Grant banked from Somerset Community Foundation (1,908) Other grants we have are Clark Foundation (£2,000) SSDC (£1157) Carymoor Council (£150). Vintage Fair (£1,500). Viridor’s contribution is £41,000.

As soon as we get a finish date, would be good to have an opening party.

  1. Correspondence

Fi will do copy for next 6 Pilgrims – someone needs to pick up on this for future issues – and advance warning, the Dec is a double month issue. I also have event boards/laminator/card for event advertising – who would like these?

  1. Events

Harvest Supper –

Another great evening – food delicious, lively atmosphere, evil quiz, ran out of beer, successful raffle - £570 profit to go between church and hall. Note – for next bar, make sure we have enough soft drinks – ie J20, coke and lemonade as minimum – sadly lacking! Also ran out of white wine! Well done everyone who helped, hopefully I’ve managed to remember to thanks all in the 6 Pilgrims Copy for November….

PS I threw away the pepper pots as they were horrid – we need new ones. Maybe some proper cruet sets may be in order……

Future events to discuss – Queen’s 90th/Street Party – June 12th. Open Garden/plant share. Wine tasting (new Vintner by Station?) Barn Dance.

  1. Next meeting – Wed Nov 25th


OVER AND OUT FOLKS. Thanks for being a great bunch! I will waffle on no more.